Wake Up and Vegetate

Veg 01 - croppedDrexel University is continually striving to provide innovative dining experiences for students by tailoring offerings to the student population.  To meet the demand of health conscious and vegetarian students, Drexel offers Vegetate.  Located within Chestnut Square, a dynamic hub of retail, residential, and academic life in the heart of the main campus, Vegetate is a vegetarian quick service dining option with vegan options and features locally sourced produce.

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Careful Programming Cooperation Leads to Successful Medical Space

Cooper Advanced Care Center, Department of Medicine

Cooper University Hospital – Camden, NJ

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Cooper University Hospital approached Charles Matsinger Associates with a challenge for the architectural and engineering team which they faced as well; the hospital was moving toward a new medical program paradigm and there were no precedents for the functional design.  The program, now named “Cooper Advanced Care Center”, is dedicated to continuing care, coordination and education for outpatients.  This new Cooper initiative needed a systematic analysis to meet its anticipated goals.

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